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Coronavirus and the Chakra Energy System

Coronavirus Treatment with the Chakra Energy System

There have been a few silly suggestions in the popular press by ‘experts’ about using reflexology and acupressure to treat coronavirus. This is hogwash. It is as daft as seeing an osteopath if you have chicken pox. The virus will only be eradicated (as with most viruses) with improving and maintaining the body’s immune system and strengthening the ‘entry point’ of the virus. It is not enough just to ‘press or massage’ LI 4, LR 3 and SP 6 etc. as has been suggested.

Most respiratory viruses (such as corona and influenza) enter the body by the Throat chakra centred at Con 22. It is therefore imperative that the Throat chakra is balanced and energised in order to both stay healthy and to improve the situation if you happen to be infected. Correct diet, daily meditation or yoga and Vitamin C in mega doses are also important.

All of us are prone to getting this virus. It is not like a bacterial infection that takes a week to improve with treatment or seven days without. This virus can, and will, do untold damage to the lungs and immune system to create respiratory weakness and chronic lethargy making the person prone to future bacterial and viral bombardment.

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, the Throat chakra is linked to elimination and expression on an emotional level and with the lungs, large bowel and skin on an organic level. The Sacral chakra controls our fluid balance as well as the reproductive system and lymphatics. It is also, via the Spleen chakra and Solar Plexus chakras responsible for the health of the immune system. The triad of treatment for the immune system is therefore Sacral – Solar Plexus – Spleen. This treatment should be carried out during the same session as Throat chakra treatment. Treatment can be carried out as self-help or by a family member.

Throat Chakra treatment

  1. KEY POINT – Stimulate acupoint LR 5 for up to 20 seconds
  2. KEY POINT – Stimulate CON 6 for up to 20 seconds. As this point is also the anterior Sacral chakra, it helps to energise it at this time.
  3. Place the hands on both the anterior and posterior Throat chakras at CON 22 and GOV 14. This is best done lying down. Hand should be kept in situ for at least 2 minutes or until such time as you feel that your two hands are almost touching each other and the whole region feels relaxed. Visualisation will also help at this stage. Remember FOCUS and INTENTION! Fingertips may be used instead of the whole hands.
  4. You may also energy balance the Shoulder chakras at LI 15 either with each other or with the anterior Throat chakra.

Sacral, Solar Plexus, Spleen Triad treatment

  1. KEY POINT SACRAL Chakra– Stimulate PC 3 for up to 20 seconds
  2. KEY POINT SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra– Stimulate TE 4 for up to 20 seconds
  3. KEY POINT SPLEEN Chakra – GOV 8 (this point is difficult to do and is not essential)
  4. Place the middle finger pads (or hands if more comfortable) on CON 6 (Sacral) and SP 16 (L) (Spleen) for at least 2 minutes or until the A/T state is reached.
  5. Place the middle finger pads on SP 16 (L) (Spleen) and CON 14 (Solar Plexus) for about the same length of time
  6. Place the middle finger pads on CON 6 (Sacral) and CON 14 (Solar Plexus) for the same time
  7. Finally balance the Sacral Chakra (CON 6) with the Throat Chakra (CON22). This is the most important part.