The Holistic Spine – Reflections and Associations [Books One and Two Combined]


PDF ONLY until further notice. This is a practical workbook designed at helping practitioners of all persuasion involved in treating spinal conditions to think ‘outside the box’. It shows that anomalies to the spine have significant implications on the wellbeing of the rest of the body. John became interested in the ramifications of spinal anomalies in his early twenties – having suffered with a congenital roto-scoliosis of the thoracic spine, leading to untold misery for many years and on many levels. Even when he was training as a chartered physiotherapist, answers weren’t given as to what was truly occurring with his inner economy. It was only when he became well versed in traditional Chinese and other energy medicine philosophy that the ‘penny’ dropped regarding many of the symptoms that he had.



This represents an expanded and revised edition of the ‘Holistic Spine – Reflections and Associations’ Books One and Two. It is available initially as a pdf @ £9.99. From the end of February 2021 it will also be available as a limited edition paperback. Details will be found here at that time.