The Holistic Spine – Associations and Reflected Areas – A1 size Poster

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I am pleased to announce the production of a unique clinical poster for the use of Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Reflex Therapists, Acupuncturists, Doctors and all Professional Therapists who practice Physical Medicine and Energy Medicine. It makes a terrific wall poster and will impress your clients as well as providing on going vital information to the practitioner.


The poster is A1 size, measuring 84 x 60cms, is double laminated (not encapsulated) and is in Full Colour.

It depicts the following:

  1. The Back Transporting points of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  2. The Major Spinal Chakras with their spinal level influences
  3. The Affects of Spinal mis-alignments
  4. Polarity Therapy of the spine
  5. Cranio-Sacral Reflextherapy
  6. Emotional and Spiritual Relationships of each vertebral level
  7. Matamorphique Technique showing pre natal spinal development
  8. The Reflected Spine depicted on the arm, leg, skull, ear, temple, foot and hand


The cost of each poster is £8.95  plus postage or shipping. 2024 Sale Price – £6.50

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Weight 225 g