Acupressure and Reflextherapy in the Treatment of Medical Conditions


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By John R. Cross Dr. Ac. FCSP
Foreward by James L Oschman PhD

ISBN 0 7506 4962 3 – October 2001
210 pages / 80 illustrations
Published by Butterworth Heinemann

Expand your skills with this new text for all manual therapists

This important title takes the philosophies of the hands-on healing methods of acupressure and reflextherapy and gives them an individual interpretation based upon the author’s 32 years of clinical experience. With emphasis placed on the principles of natural medicine, Acupressure and Reflextherapy in the Treatment of Medical Conditions is an ideal addition to any therapists’ library.


  • A comprehensive clinical acupressure book for the healthcare professional dealing with the treatment of medical conditions
  • Practical advice on diagnosis and assessment of individual medical conditions as well as in depth treatment procedures
  • Conditions include acute, chronic and emotional aspects of respiratory, gynaecology and obstetrics, neurological, digestive, E.N.T. and general pain disorders
  • Conditions described in TCM and Western terms
  • Ideal complement to Acupressure-Clinical Applications in the Treatment of Musculo-skeletal Conditions


  • Foreword. Introduction
  • Why acupressure?
  • Vital Force: Methods
  • The naturopathic assessment of disease
  • Meridians, acupoints and reflexes
  • Treatment of acute conditions
  • Treatment of chronic conditions
  • Treatment of stress, emotional and mental conditions
  • References. Index


“In this book you will find a wealth of practical common sense information and experience that will benefit any therapist, regardless of background or philosophy. Such a diversity of medical conditions is covered here that this would be a good book to keep in the treatment room to use as a reference for practical day-today advice for general practice situation, whether your patient is presenting with a common cold, chronic back pain, bronchial asthma or is about to give birth! Thank you Dr. Cross for taking on the monumental effort of communicating your evolutionary process in writing and in illustrations so that all of us can contemplate and benefit. I was thrilled by your first book, and am grateful that you did not stop with that success.”

(James L Oschman PhD)

“The following quote is central to the book “ Disease is therefore considered to be an imbalance of vital force within and without the human frame. This is a fundamental precept, all else is meaningless, with it the nature of the disease becomes clear – if any unnatural, perverse or altered states of energy are introduced into the body, dis-ease will ensue”. It is well referenced as to sources, but is not a review of the research literature on acupressure per condition because that is not its objective. The book is based on 32 years of clinical and teaching experience that you can now share. It is a rich mine of information on combining acupressure and reflextherapy within clinical practice…”

(Robert A Charman FCSP – Physiotherapy and ACPEM Journal)

“This book is packed full of information, advice, illustrations and easy to read guidance for the practicing therapist. The style is clear, direct, personal and sometimes humorous. It is easy to read and you may find yourself ‘dipping in’ to specific that are of interest to you. Chapter 6 on Stress I found of special interest as I am seeing more patients/clients presenting with depression, anxiety, anger and lack of concentration. In my opinion this book is a must for anyone who works with the energetic framework, not only to increase their understanding and awareness, but also to help focus on specific key acupoints that may be accessed on the lower leg during a reflexology treatment and aid change to take place within the client”

(Denise Akers MAR – ‘Reflexions’, Journal of the Association of Reflexologists)

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