Acupressure – Clinical Applications in Musculo-Skeletal Conditions


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By John R. Cross Dr. Ac. FCSP
Forward by James L Oschman PhD

ISBN 0 7506 4054 5 – February 2000
192 pages / 103 illustrations
Published by Butterworth Heinemann

Enhance your therapeutic effectiveness with this illustrated book Offering therapists additional approaches to the treatment of Musculo-skeletal problems, the author presents alternative, non-invasive treatments based on over 30 years of clinical experience. Acupressure – Clinical Applications in Musculo-Skeletal Conditions covers both contemporary and traditional theories – ideal for any practising manual therapist who wishes to extend their range of skills.


  • The first comprehensive clinical acupressure book for healthcare professionals – a new skill for manual therapists
  • A practical handbook – introducing the orthodox therapist to alternative techniques
  • Offers advice on diagnosis, optimal treatment of sequences – for real-life application of treatment
  • Explanatory illustrations accompany treatment regimes – easy to read and follow


  • Introduction
  • History of Acupressure
  • Meridians and Acupoints
  • Zones, reflexes and chakras
  • Methods, techniques and sensations
  • Relationships and associations
  • Principles of treatment
  • Treatment of non-spinal conditions
  • Treatment of spinal conditions
  • Reference
  • Index


“Acupressure by John Cross is a detailed and brilliantly illustrated handbook for those who wish to enhance their therapeutic effectiveness. It is an important contribution to the exciting changes that are sweeping through health care systems worldwide. He has laid down for us the remarkable and fascinating power of human touch on the circuitry of the body…”

(James L. Oschman PhD)

” This is the first book on the clinical applications of acupressure written by a physiotherapist for practising physiotherapists. There is no windy rhetoric, so not a word is wasted. Truly excellent diagrams and summary tables accompany every descriptive piece of text. The author’s credo is that the hands of the practitioner are the finest diagnostic instruments that we can ever possess.”

(Robert A Charman FCSP – Physiotherapy and ACPEM journal)

“The simple title ‘Acupressure’ conceals the fact that the author includes information on a wide variety of theories of massage as well as the usual methods based on TCM… thus by the time the reader has reached the treatment chapters (7 and 8) he/she is prepared for the instructions to use light massage of the related meridian, or to balance the most tender point with an appropriate distal point, or to unwind the lesion…”

(Dr. Adrian White – Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies).

“This is an accessible, readable and highly informative book. The illustrations are excellent and the obvious depth of knowledge and experience of the author is clearly expressed. It will be of great interest to all physiotherapists, particularly those who wish to explore the subtler energy concepts and techniques that can be used in clinical practice…”

(Nadia Ellis FCSP MSc – AACP Journal)

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