Acupuncture and the Chakra Energy System – Treating the Cause of Disease




By John R. Cross Dr. Ac. FCSP
Forwards by Dr. John Amaro and Nadia Ellis FCSP MSc

Published on  29 July 2008 in the USA – 1 September 2008 in the UK
Published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA


  • Chapter One – Explains the auras and major and minor chakras in detail and their association with endocrine glands, nerve plexii, meridians, internal organs, spinal levels, Key points, muscles, emotions and spiritual connotations.
  • Chapter Two – This chapter discusses the many similarities and differences between traditional Chinese medicine and traditional ayurvedic medicine (chakras). It shows how the therapist may use the traditional analytical areas of the tongue, pulse, abdomen and 5 -Elements and transpose their meanings and interpretation to show chakra energy imbalance. This is all original and pioneering work and not available anywhere else.
  • Chapter Three – This chapter explains the minor chakras in detail and their use in pain relief. This work is also original and unique.
  • Chapter Four – This chapter deals with the energy balancing and treatment of chronic conditions. These range from musculo-skeletal conditions to internal organ imbalance and emotional conditions. The chapter also includes the treatment of 10 named conditions and several genuine Case Histories
  • Appendix One and Two – The appendices discuss the use of the chakra energy system with biomagnets and copper and zinc needles. This work is original and unique.


“Following on from John’s previous publications, the style is most recognisable as John’s straight talking – “this is how it is and this is what I have found works”. We all need to be patient for science and relevant research studies to catch up with him!. The book beautifully illustrates many different ‘energy systems: however, the real edge of this book lies in the interconnections between the different systems and how this impacts on clinical relevance in a truly holistic sense of body-mind-spirit. Rather than copious philosophy, this is a how-to-do manual using very specific acupuncture points. As in all John’s work, sensitive light touch with awareness is the key to therapy rather than needling rechniques based on rigid formulae.” ………..Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine (ACPEM) Journal November 2008.

‘As practitioners, we are always searching for or interested in learning about different techniques and modalities to help our patients achieve relief from disharmony. John Cross has led the way with his previous publications in showing us how to utilise the subtle energies. In his latest book, he has gone a step further to show how combining Chakra therapy with acupuncture can accelerate the healing, and treat the root cause of the imbalance or disease. He goes on to show how practitioners from different acupuncture backgrounds can integrate the chakra therapy with their treatment modalities. There are colour coded charts that illustrate the various associations and links. John has spent many years perfecting these techniques clinically, and now that he has published all of his hard work on the chakra energy system, we can all use it to help our patients. This book is full of interesting concepts that, given a little time and patience, may extend your practice, but it is not for the beginner or those with a very Western medical approach.’ .Journal of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) – Spring 2009

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