Healing with the Chakra Energy System – Acupressure, Bodywork and Reflexology for Total Health

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By John R. Cross Dr. Ac. FCSP
Foreward by Robert Charman FCSP

ISBN – 1556436254    Sept/ October 2006
Published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA



  • Based on 35 years of experience in working with the chakras
  • Two theory chapters containing new information on the aura, subtle bodies and the 7 major and 21 minor chakras
  • Three practical chapters dedicated to therapists using subtle energy physical therapy methods explaining techniques in a no nonsense down to earth manner.
  • Case Histories
  • Many b/w illustrations and colour plates showing the aura and clairvoyants interpretations of the chakras.
  • Information on ‘healing’ that is new and unique


  • Foreword. Introduction
  • The Aura and Subtle Bodies
  • The Seven Major and 21 Minor Chakras
  • Acupressure and Bodywork
  • Reflexology
  • Healing – hands-on and hands-off modes

Reviews and Testimonials

“John has had a long and distinguished career, during which he has been responsible for inspiring several generations of therapists to seek training in the modalities involving the subtle energies of the body. This is a very interesting book which goes some way towards explaining why he is held in such high regard. It is a very practical text, offering insights and techniques that can be directly applied to clinical work with real patients. This book explores the theory of chakra healing, offering ideas about mind-body medicine, and the subtle energies sensed by the practitioner and patient alike.”

Val Hopwood PhD MSc FCSP  – Journal of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists – January 2007

” Treatments are described in detail, with sequences that are easy to apply and follow. In all cases, the rationale behind each sequence is discussed, so that a clear picture is built up regarding the reasoning for each technique. Overall, this is a most interesting and inspiring book, which describes the use of chakra balancing in the healing process in a very readable and accessible form.”

Linda J. Skellam MCSP – Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Reflextherapy Newsletter – February 2007

” He explores the many themes with his unique mixture of delicacy and robust humour. The whole book induces a pleasant sense of having entered a world of a considerably talented clinician and teacher. I look forward to his future publications.”

Pam Elstub MCSP – Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine Newsletter – December 2006

‘ I could not believe that I finally found somebody on the same wavelength as myself!! All of the ‘energy healing’ workshops that I have attended did not scratch the itch for me because the people running them did not work in the realms of anatomy and physiology, spinal mechanics etc. that you do.The endless workshops did not address energy blockages. So now I have your book, it is transforming the way I work, so I should like to thank you very much for the work you have presented, and in such an easy to read way’

Bernadette Spinks – Private Practitioner – Derbyshire

‘As always, John Cross has managed to provide a book bursting with wisdom, rich in information clearly and simply presented with helpful illustrations and useful case studies, to empower and encourage the practitioner to expand and develop working with chakra energy and alternative methods. Highly recommended. If someone were to buy only one book on the subject, this has to be the one.’

Angela Brice – Private Practitioner – Jerusalem

I have been practising shiatsu for 9 years and reflexology for 4 years and looking for the next step for me to take – I have found it with your chakra healing methods. I have loved reading it. I would love to be able to learn all about it but you are in Scotland and I am in Australia! I have just finished my first session using the minor chakras on the body and the reflected major chakras on the feet and the results were amazing. Thank you for your wonderful book.

Jennie Urquhart – Private Practitioner – Australia

This is a comprehensive and informative book for therapists, body workers and anyone else interested in the chakras. With simple and easy to understand language John has used his 35 years of experience to clearly explain his approach to healing with the chakra energy system. Each chapter is filled with clear illustrations and packed with information including case histories and treatment guidelines. The chapter dedicated to reflexology, and at over 45 pages, is an excellent companion for experienced therapists and students alike. If you are going to buy one book on the subject, buy this one!

Sue Evans for ‘Reflexions’ Journal June 2007

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